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I like recommendations from other people about new areas of the Internet to explore. On Felicia Day's video blog (The Flog), over at Geek & Sundry, she makes several! I wanted to have easy access to all of these links, and so I collected them here in one place. This will be updated as The Flog continues to make such recommendations.

Each list of links is listed under an abbreviated title for the episodes of The Flog, starting with the first and moving through the series.  If you find any broken links, please let me know.

Blacksmithing (

Streets of Rage

Torta with Robin Thorsen

Ode to Carrie Fisher (ft Tom Lenk)

Ice Carving with a Chainsaw! (

Steampunk Photoshoot ( &

Crocheting with Colin Ferguson (

Sega Bassfishing Tourney 1996

No Fave Five (Felicia was in Europe for a few weeks.)

Dancing with KevJumba ( at 3rd Street Dance ( & Larisa Bates)

No Fave Five (Felicia was in Europe for a few weeks.)

Operating Heavy Machinery (

Playing with Toilet Paper

Mondo Sushi Rollers! with Robin Thorsen

Toejam and Earl
All Entries:

Fourth of July

VidCon 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012

Yo-Yoing (

(Fave Five turns into Top 3)

Mouth-to-Mouth (with

Gunstar Hero

(Top 3 now called Trio Mio. Still 3 things!)

Seitan with Robin Thorsen (opened by Sandeep Parikh (@SandeepParikh) (recipe: )

(Guest titled "Three Dicks")

Mastering the Art of Archery with Morgan Webb (at )
Training Cubby (The Cutest Dog Ever) (with Doggie Manners )
Labor Day: Battletech
  • This Minecraft Cow
  • This Hot Dog
  • This Hammock
At Dragon*Con ( )

(Top Three Favorite Guild Members)
  • Amy Okuda
  • Robin Thorsen
  • Vince Caso
Design Perfume with Sean [Day9] Plott ( ) (and Kedra Hart at Opus Oils’ Jitterbug Perfume Parlour )
Making Piggy Mooncakes with Robin Thorsen (recipe: )

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Bakers for Lakers with Robin Thorsen (Macaroons: Bark:  Stained Glass Jello: "Google it.")
"Bach to the Future" Music Video
Pottery with Amy Okuda (Bitter Roots Pottery )

Amy's Trio Mio
The Flog Goes Down Under

No Trio Mio this week while Felicia was in Australia. 
Things she did/places she went:

Cubby's Trio Mio
  • Sleeping
  • Eating treats
  • Pooping
Making a Hat ( Baron Hats )
Holiday Baking with Robin Thorsen ( Bûche de Noël (Yule Log) from )

Robin's Trio Mio +1
Milking a Goat (with Julian Pearce at Soledad Goats )

TexMex "Fried Pies" with Robin Thorsen (recipe: )

Suspiciously absent Trio Mio, with no explanation.

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