Sunday, September 9, 2012

Head Colds!

Head colds are pretty miserable. I distinguish the location in this case because typically my colds move very definitively into my chest and reside there most uncomfortably. This one has stayed firmly in my sinuses and is about 4 days through the process. This could go on for another week on the average. I am afraid it might.

Short - I'm still alive, though I wish I could get decent sleep. Getting a better grip on school & work and how to wiggle in some REAL writing, including practice.This includes returning to regular blogging updates.

Finished reading Kushiel's Dart, about 200 pages from the end of Kushiel's Chosen. I've looked at the successive trilogies, but I'm not sure if I will read them. I enjoy these immensely, and am afraid of encountering the same story with (slightly) different characters and growing bitter. This has happened before with other authors.

My editing skills continue to get a work-out, through my employment. I proofed & edited 52 single-spaced pages of text today. On cold medicine. Oof.

How is the transition into the fall months treating you?
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