Saturday, August 18, 2012

Starting "Six Sentence Sunday"

While prowling around the internet, I was directed toward this "thing" called Six Sentence Sunday as something to do on a blog. As I'm trying to maintain a level of writing here and use this blog as a motivating tool, I decided to look into it. I'm enjoying the Flash Fiction Challenge, so why not try this out? (I'll explain a bit more about what it is in a moment.)

I looked around the site and realized that a lot of the authors that were participating in this "blog hop" were romance writers, and I felt a little nervous. Maybe I had missed a note about the community? Maybe I shouldn't go poking my nose in? Of course, that's just my anxiety getting the better of me. I sent a quick note off to the site admin with my observations and an inquiry about whether there were preferences - I'm not one to go barging in where I'm not a good fit, and I'm grown enough to realize that it's not personal when it happens.

Much to my delight, I got a quick note back from the host, Sara Brookes. She explained why I was seeing what I was seeing and made it clear that I was very welcome to join in on the fun:
The only reason romance is prevalent is because I started it, and most of the people who joined in when I did were my author friends in the romance community (since I myself write romance). They brought their friends and so on and so forth. We have had, and continue to have, a wide variety and welcome anyone who wants to participate, regardless of genre. We'd be happy to have you hop right in!
This is one of the friendliest emails I've ever received from a site admin, a complete stranger. I can't really say anything else about it. That email left me feeling pretty good about things - feeling pretty good in general. (I also really like that she used the word prevalent instead of predominant. If I had more carefully considered my own email, I would've made the same word choice. I used "predominant" - probably because I was feeling intimidated.)

So, as long as I can remember and can keep myself writing and working on new things, I will start participating in Six Sentence Sunday regularly! (I know you're excited, right?)

What it is: Six Sentence Sunday hosts a list of links to blogs that are participating. By 9am EST on Sunday, participants are to have posted a blog entry containing 6 sentences from a current work in progress (WIP). What started out with one person grew to four people, and since February 2010 has grown to 150 links currently on the list for 8/19/12 (make that 151, as I've just added mine to the list - so I'll have a new post up two three days in a row when my SSS post lands Sunday morning).

I've linked the site a couple times here and will link back to it in subsequent Six Sentence Sunday updates - I encourage you to go check them out. Lots of six-sentence morsels out there, and you could discover a new author to love.

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