Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday; Anthony & Julie

Here it is, my first Six Sentence Sunday. This is from a flash-fiction piece I'm working on that must fit into 250-750 words. It's still in the first draft, but it's what's in-progress:

They might've made a clean escape if they had seen the trap. Maybe it was a tripwire, maybe something else; Anthony only knew that one minute they were running, hand in hand, and the next there was a jerk on his arm and their hands were wrenched apart. He turned back to see her sprawled on the concrete, a mass of debris covering her legs. Neither wasted time in getting her free, and they'd escaped down the nearest manhole. He didn't notice the blood until he went down the ladder after her. The rungs were slick with it.

Feel free to leave feedback (I encourage you to), and definitely go check out the other hundred-plus authors sharing their six sentences.
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